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Galicia Homes

In the difficult times we are facing, it is important for today’s home buyer to know who their builder is. Jon Wadsworth, President of Galicia Homes, would like to take the time to introduce you to both himself, and his residential home building company.

As an Idaho native, Jon has grown up in the home building business and is a third generation lumber and construction entrepreneur. Jon graduated with honors from Boise State University in 2004 and has a degree in both economics and Spanish. Married with two young sons, when not building homes, Jon enjoys golfing and playing basketball. Having been raised with strong Idaho values, such as hard work, honesty, and integrity, Jon is more concerned about his reputation than his bottom line. Any business person must make a profit, but Jon is unwilling to compromise his integrity for those profits.

That being said, Jon’s vision for Galicia Homes is quite simple. “Build and sell quality, affordable homes.” This is not just a mission statement for Galicia Homes…it is a core value and belief. “It is very important to have a builder that you can trust and one who will treat you fairly!”
Galicia Homes is committed to providing Idahoans with the best possible customer service and a wonderful experience with their new home purchase. Jon and the team at Galicia Homes wants the pleasure of not only providing their clients with a quality home, but of creating friendships that will last for many years!